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Astral Travel For Beginners

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This meditation is utilized to cultivate an astral body. This meditation can be done while going to sleep or at anytime. Please don't get frustrated as this technique takes multiple attempts to master. Please re-listen to this meditation to improve the technique. Enjoy!!
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4 reflections
This was my first introduction to this and I really enjoyed!
This was my first introduction to this and I really enjoyed it. I’m new to Aura and have read I need to repeat these several times to get the best benefits which I’ll do. I kinda wish this one didn’t end so abruptly but maybe that will change as I continue. Thanks!
This was very easy for me to do and so it kind of freaked me out a bit. I’ve left my body before during meditation and it literally scared me so much that I stopped meditation for awhile. There are some states that just , while they’re supposed to calm most people actually produce anxiety for me because it’s so trippy. I kind of like staying in my body but knowing I can actually access this kind of altered state is wildly fascinating but not something I feel like I need to do regularly. Namaste.
I found it hard to imagine my arms in front of me, so anything beyond that was impossible.
I’m probably going to need a LOT of practice at this… Now I feel irritated because the app says my reflection is too short.
Felt itchy and wanted to move
Was a real struggle to ignore itches that suddenly appeared. Also wanted to move a lot.
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