Great reminder on acceptance
I loved this session, I have preformed this theory of acceptance in so many areas in my life to my ptsd, to back surgerys, and needing this reminder in my recent scam and taking on a second job recently. It was nice to have this reminder. I can and have gotten very attached to what should be, I should be "normal " or not struggle, or I should be able to lift x lbs at my age. However, acceptance has helped so much, I could write so much on this, but one example was after my spinal fusion I really was mindful not to beat myself up on I could only take a few steps before having to rest. I didn't beat my self up I could only walk to the sidewalk, then the gate, then down the street, etc. I accepted that I needed to start slow, it didn't matter if I was 28 years old, and honestly had to remind myself to accept that progress would come in time and intent. At the time, I just had spinal surgery, and three months of severe herniated discs that didn't get better with natural remedies and pt. Now I walk around with my dog with little to no issues. Sorry if tmi just this really hits me deeply. Thank you.