Appreciate Yourself

7 Min
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Nitima Priya
Reduce stress & Anxiety and Sleep Well
What is appreciation? How do we appreciate ourselves? This meditation will guide you through how you can learn to appreciate yourself with simple things in life. Let’s start the journey :) to better your life.
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Self Appreciation
This served to remind me that I must practice reflecting and meditating to reinforce my own sense of value and that by doing so I will be more able to make positive changes. These changes will benefit not just myself but others that I encounter in my journey. As I improve myself this will in some small way result in a more considered experience of others.
Self appreciation
Made me open up ... definitely felt relaxed and in tune with myself.
This lifted me from a feeling of isolation & sadness to feeling warm and happy
I remembered I have been ill a long time but now my body is recovering & felt happy
Gratitude for ourselves
This such a great meditation to do daily. Just as it is important to be grateful for people & things in our lives. It is also important to show that same love for ourselves. Thank you!!