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Be Kind to yourself

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
The quality of kindness is necessary now more than ever. Give yourself some space to practice this beautiful meditation to be kind to yourself and others around you. Don't think, just sit.
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Kindness all around
Really enjoyed the visual of the airplane breaking through the darkness of negativity. We all get stuck there but knowing we can break through, that blue skies are within reach and that kindness in thoughts and action will and can be all around.
Blue Skies
Our minds are like the sky. Some days our mind is clear like looking at a clear blue sky. Other times it is filled with clouds which represent negative thoughts and feelings. Incorporating a daily meditation practice into your life helps your mind over time soar through the clouds back into clear skies. It takes time to see this change happen from within. In this session, Nitima has us visualize a time when someone offered us kindness. I visualized the gentleman on Monday that held the door open for me as I was leaving the post office. He had a warm smile on his face. I also visualized all the people on Sunday that I passed on the hiking trail that said hello with a smile. Both of these visualizations gave my heart a warm feeling. This warm feeling spread throughout my whole body like a golden light. I sent this golden light out into the universe to spread this warm feeling to those who might need a boost to rekindle their light from within. May all of us show kindness to ourselves as well as others to help spread that golden light. Thank you Nitima for creating this beautiful meditation!🙏❤️
With you mind you can go anywhere. Don’t fight what you are feeling take it in acknowledge it give it some respect. It’s ok to feel what you feel.
Creating Space
Thoughts can weigh us down like the mighty cumulonimbus cloud or lift us up like the wispy cirrus cloud. Beyond the clouds in the sky lie vast blue sky and beyond the thoughts in our mind lies a vast space of creativity. In this profound meditation, Nitima has us go beyond the thoughts in our mind by visualizing ourselves on a plane climbing above the clouds in the sky. While above the clouds, we create space in our body and mind as the golden light of the sun fill us up. Visualizing myself on a plane, I got comfortable in my window seat. Hearing the pilot say to the flight attendants, get ready for takeoff, I made sure I was buckled in. As the engine accelerated speed down the runway, my stomach filled with anticipation as I watched I the airport buildings stream on by. Then, the moment I had been anticipating finally came, Liftoff! With some G forces occurring in my stomach, I began to climb up into the sky. Looking down at the airport, the buildings got smaller and smaller. It wasn’t long before I felt some turbulence and saw my obscured by clouds that had engulfed the airplane. Soon, the turbulence ended and the vast blue sky appeared. Rising above the clouds, I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. Breathing in this warmth from the sun, my body and mind filled with a beautiful sense of peace and clarity. Creating space, I aligned my body and mind. In this space, I began thinking of people whom have shown kindness to me. Thinking of what these beautiful people did for my beautiful boy, Montee and I a few days ago, made my heart swell with thankfulness. While the news I received wasn’t pleasant, I am grateful for finding out some answers. Finding out some answers created space. Rising above the heaviness of thoughts, I have clarity in the here and now. Creating space, I have raised my vibrations to focus on the best solutions rather than just the issues. Thank you, Nitima for a profound visualization meditation! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Andy Rea
Be Kind to Yourself
I love the thought that the sky is always blue, but it is obscured by clouds at times. The sky of our minds is always blue, but life gets in the way. Mindfulness meditation has helped me to rise above the thoughts that keep me from enjoying my blue sky. Thank you 😊
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