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Anxiety Release Affirmations

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Christina Calisto Winslow
Hypnosis, Meditation, Intuitive Coach
Release Anxiety with Affirmations to Angelic 777 Hz Brainwave Frequencies & Binaural Beats. This will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind, slow your brainwave to feel the relaxation, and release anxiety. Be patient, if you have been dealing with anxiety, it might take a repeated use to start letting go. This recording is also designed to work if you would like to lower the volume and use it each night before bed and fall asleep to it. With continued use, the benefits of this recording will increase. Do not use this recording while driving. ©2021 Christina Winslow. All rights reserved. Music by Ted Winslow ©2014 Big Country Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.
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jess 🧡
calming anxiety
this meditation, the frequency and the calmness, really did a lot to relax myself. i do have some anxieties for the future, and this meditation allowed me to push that aside and focus on the present
I learned that affirmations really do work. I've never use them during meditation and making such strong I statements worked well to release my constant physical and emotional tension.
Was feeling tired and low this week 8/15/22 a lot of anxiety
Do not give when it comes to time for self even if you’re tired because you’ve emptied your cup to others.