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Anxiety and It's Drama - Talk

7 Min
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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
If we can have a better understanding of how anxiety plays out in our lives, we can make space to observe and let go. Allow this short and brief talk for you to educate yourself about anxiety so you can change your approach towards the anxious experience.
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4 reflections
Learn to accept that anxiety isn’t there to debilitate us. It prepares us for the future. Don’t let it overwhelm you and don’t forget to breathe.
Very helpful explanation of anxiety. Short and to the point. Profound enough that made it made me a cry midway through.
Philip Ershler
Anxiety as a positive experience
I learned that there are positive aspects of anxiety. It is not always something to flee from.
Great anxiety info!
I learned what anxiety is, its different forms, both good and bad, and how to observe it mindfully. Very informative. Also, explaining how some anxiety actually helps my life will help me as I move forward. Things to remember when I experience anxiety. I'm working on observing anxiety and other feelings as you continue to teach me. Thank you!!!