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And Now, Your Moment Of Zen

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Summer McStravick
Manifesting & Personal Growth Coach
Drop deep into a chill moment. Let stress recede and allow peace and zen to flow in. In this laser-focused meditation, you'll feel instantly removed from anxiety, stress, worry, or overload as you reset your energy to feel confidence, trust, and positivity instead. Use this whenever you feel stressed, overloaded, or apprehensive to instantly shift your feelings. "And Now, Your Moment of Zen" is based on the rich, emotionally evocative, and energetically transformative practice of Flowdreaming. Visit to learn more or check out the Flowdreaming podcast.
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18 months
This journals for both of us and I’m going to try to capture some moments of closure. Grief is probably never easy, it’s certainly Confusing from the perspective of my dead self, current self and new will to live all mixed into one human. Stepping into who we can be means leaving behind everything I thought I loved about myself and instead taking only the capacity to learn again that when we let go we find what we were holding on to. There’s a lot of growing up that I never wanted to do. Change is really not easy for me and I tend to resist new ways of being or knowing myself jusf because I like to be right about what k think I know about me. Letting people in might help me figure it out. I’m thankful for all the ways our souls can find us.
Much like dope, the word dude can be used to describe a thing that is also another thing, one of which is more than one thing. Unknowingly my aura was thinking of four letter words that start with the letter d, a backwards or reflected p or b you ask? A group. Also word and shapes are dimensional things maybe? Wow I thought I was thinking f about a pot of different stuff than that but 🤷‍♀️
I found this meditation to be somewhat strange. Corny. Staged.
little break for this morning
Thank you for this, it was just what i needed to have a little time for me🥰🙏