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Am I Lazy, Burned Out, or Depressed?

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Dawn-Elise Snipes
Clinical Psychotherapist
+What is Lazy? +Burnout is a state of exhaustion that may or may not meet the clinical criteria for depression +Signs of burnout or depression -Exhaustion and lack of energy -Feeling disconnected -Withdrawal -Moodiness and irritability -Lack of motivation (due to depletion) -Loss of interest/apathy +Burnout and depression both represent a state of exhaustion coupled with a sense of hopelessness and helplessness -Get back to basics (must-dos) -Define a rich and meaningful life -Identify what is triggering your burnout/exhaustion and begin addressing it -Prioritize self-care- Physical stress contributes to B/D
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Very very important
I am extremely grateful for this guidance and the lot of wisdom and experience there is in here. So important, so useful, so true. I do think the voice could be a little softer because this is not a business presentation but a healing session. But above all the content is extremely precious and professional.
The desire to do things even though I’m exhausted is a sign I’m not lazy
Very Helpful
to define what laziness is and isn’t. Really saying harmful things to myself if I call myself lazy. And it just doesn’t bare up as a description of me by any stretch of the imagination. So, glad to have the differences between laziness, depression, burn out explained. Because next time I think about being lazy I can quickly put my thinking straight by knowing the other reasons I may not be motivated. And can not find fault if I do not have the energy to do things. Then I can attempt to address the real problem.
Lazy, Burned-out or Depressed?
The distinction given between the three of these was phenomenal. I shared it with Gray, of course but I also shared it with Ken. We’ll see how that goes.