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Am I Lazy, Burned Out, or Depressed?

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Dawn-Elise Snipes
Clinical Psychotherapist
+What is Lazy? +Burnout is a state of exhaustion that may or may not meet the clinical criteria for depression +Signs of burnout or depression -Exhaustion and lack of energy -Feeling disconnected -Withdrawal -Moodiness and irritability -Lack of motivation (due to depletion) -Loss of interest/apathy +Burnout and depression both represent a state of exhaustion coupled with a sense of hopelessness and helplessness -Get back to basics (must-dos) -Define a rich and meaningful life -Identify what is triggering your burnout/exhaustion and begin addressing it -Prioritize self-care- Physical stress contributes to B/D
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6 reflections
Very very important
I am extremely grateful for this guidance and the lot of wisdom and experience there is in here. So important, so useful, so true. I do think the voice could be a little softer because this is not a business presentation but a healing session. But above all the content is extremely precious and professional.
The desire to do things even though I’m exhausted is a sign I’m not lazy
Very Helpful
to define what laziness is and isn’t. Really saying harmful things to myself if I call myself lazy. And it just doesn’t bare up as a description of me by any stretch of the imagination. So, glad to have the differences between laziness, depression, burn out explained. Because next time I think about being lazy I can quickly put my thinking straight by knowing the other reasons I may not be motivated. And can not find fault if I do not have the energy to do things. Then I can attempt to address the real problem.
Lazy, Burned-out or Depressed?
The distinction given between the three of these was phenomenal. I shared it with Gray, of course but I also shared it with Ken. We’ll see how that goes.
I’ve been experiencing a sense of overwhelm, Fred, anger and ultimately at times not a whole lot of room for myself and the things that bring me joy. In my role as a early childhood educator, I’m constantly giving to the children, the families, committees, colleagues and that in conjunction with all the prep for instruction, conferences, etc. At 33 I don’t feel like I should be this tired, feel this overwhelmed. To keep up with the workload I’m constantly working outside of my co tract hours, and at times even mandatory, if I’m in charge of coordinating something for a committee and something has gone wrong/ weather shifts following days schedule. It must be taken care of. I’m a hard worker and have always been and this is too much for me. I feel my soul crumbling and frustration and resentment growing. I don’t won’t to subscribe to this grind culture.
Ham Dust
It's wonderful to hear the things I know, yet I struggle to internalize. Coming back to this installment occasionally will help me maintain my perspective and extend myself some grace.
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