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Allowing Life To Take Care of Us

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Seda Ünlüçay
Meditation Teacher, Astrologer & Author
Trusting the goodness of life requires surrender, and surrender requires trust. How then do we make the initial leap of faith? In this meditation, you will be guided to dissolve the boundaries of your small self into the totality of life. By opening to the loving embrace of the universe, you will connect more deeply with the innate wisdom, creativity, and joy of life as it moves through you.
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3 reflections
Noticed the tendency to hold. To start from the premise of unworthiness, and hold back because of it, and demonstrate that which I feel in the moment to be deemed as worthy. Thank you for showing me this tendency.
We are a part of nature, not a part from nature. In this way, as individuals we are just one smaller ecosystem within a much larger ecosystem. When we open to fact and allow the much larger ecosystem to influence our own ecosystem, as it is done in nature, we are effortlessly driven to our highest potential. We just need to surrender. As human beings, we like to have a sense of control over our lives and even the lives of others. So, surrendering can be a scary thing to do. However, this sense of control is not only an illusion, it is deeply rooted in the separate self, the ego. Always looking out for our safety, our ego keeps us small. While our ego is trying to keep us safe, there comes a time when the pain of playing small far outweighs the pain of opening and allowing ourselves to surrender. This time is now. Getting comfortable, I brought awareness to any tension I felt in my body. Using my breath to aid in releasing this tension, I felt my body relax. I began to listen to the narrator’s words of wisdom. As I did, I felt this yearning from within my heart space. This inner knowing that knows that the time to open and allow is now. Opening and allowing this beautiful life to flow through me rather than trying to control it, I will focus on what will serve my highest good and the good of the totality of life. Surrendering, I am unstoppable! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I am a vessel of creativity, an expression of the beauty of the totality.
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