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Allowing Experience to Come to You

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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
This meditation may be more appropriate for experienced meditators. Less instruction is given in terms of "what to observe" in the meditation. Instead, the emphasis is on the "quality of the observation." HOW are you observing the body, the breath, thought, etc.? Is the attention tight or forced, with the quality of "hunting" for the present moment? And if so, can there be a loosening, so that there is a feeling of "settling back" and allowing the present moment--sound, body sensation, thought, emotion--to come to you? I hope you find it beneficial. Let me know if you have questions! Always happy to engage.
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Mindfulness of Body
I learned that if I greet myself in the morning in a loving, appreciative way, that I have better equipped myself to move forward in a more healthy way during the day before me.
Being kind to myself
A lovely meditation that reminds me to meet myself with kindness and feeling the full extent of the experiences that I think and feel. Reminding myself that kindness includes myself.
This wonderful body
Listening to this meditation, I realized I will be this body for just a moment in time. It will be gone for sure, but now that I have it, now that I am it (curious phrase, isn't it?), I can enjoy it anytime I feel it, anytime I choose to be in the present. The mind is a hunter, but everytime it hunts alone, it is painful. It is much better if the body takes the lead. When that happens, the mind is still if the body is still, the mind thinks about what it needs to be thought in order to be healthy, connected, alive. I need to always follow this wonderful, beautiful, unique body of mine.
Deep in meditation
Counting the breath really helped me by preventing stray thoughts that can pop up. It was very relaxing and a good meditation to do before bed.
The Experience
This meditation makes your body and mind to become relaxed and mindful of your surroundings. Allow sounds to come to you. Allow sensations to come to you. Naturally breath and feel your chest and belly rise and fall. Feel the aliveness in your body. Give yourself kindness. Have gratitude for taking some time to be mindful of your body and mind. Have a beautiful day! ❤️🙏🏻😊
This teaching is in alignment with what I have been learning about over the past couple of months. Just allow.
Mindfulness of Body
Mindfulness leads not only to awareness of the sounds around and sensations within the body, but also the need to balance and harmonize body, mind, and soul.
I feel that mediation thru breathing is a reminder of our first breath of life we aka I meditate for uplifting and continuation of my being. Aura is an invisible invitation of calm and becoming one not dis com bob u lated when I mediate thru breath all of me have a positive clear oneself. Me a new beginning of life from God
Calm and Aware
I love this meditation. With a calming voice, the teacher takes you on a quiet journey that helps you arrive at a peaceful place filled with self-love and acceptance.
Treating yourself as a friend
I've often heard that phrase, but the meditation today help me find language and questions I can ask myself that fully open me up to love and care. I am my biggest asset along with my harshest critic. It is my job to see what I can attend to, and what I can soften. Letting sensation come to me, instead of aggressively seeking joy. It can all be much simpler
In today’s lesson I learned that meditation can teach you how to become aware of your own mind and body
Today might be better than I thought
I let go of expectations for the day and tried to treat myself with more kindness
The mind wants to hunt...
I liked this meditation and recognizing that the mind likes to hunt helps me to turn it off. I liked sitting here and tuning into the sensations of my body. I imagined a warm glowing yellow to greet myself with.
Letting the experience come to me
I learned that while meditating you sometimes look for things to specifically be aware of, thereby giving in to your mind to do your mind tendency to wonder and search for things sometimes you just have toLet the experience happen
Played it back a few times...
Because each time, it went just a little deeper. Good meditations are like that. ❤️
Allowing experience
I learned that I can meditate in public I'm not afraid of what people might think of me. In fact they're more curious and I feel that they also want to allow this time for themselves.
Beyond Hunting
Letting the experiences come to me- no ignoring, no blocking, and letting each one wash over me. A beautiful practice. Namaste
What a wonderful practice to welcome myself, whole self with full acceptance to this moment and day!