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Allow Today To Be Different - Self Talk

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Soul-Work Hypnotist
This self-talk is designed to refresh your relationship with life, opening you up to untapped bliss and joy. Perfect for those wanting to get out of an old groove and shake up their perspective this morning. Step into the moment and fill yourself to the brim with this quick, simple heart-to-heart meditation.
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Allow Today to Be Different
I like the title line more than I liked the meditation - allow today to be different. Notice the allow. Think on how many times you’ve tried to make today different. Now consider: what if it was just you? What if you were consciously putting barriers in your own way? You can’t try to move them, because you put them there yourself understanding that they would block your way. If you simply allow the barriers to lift though - boom.
This day will be different
I learned that I am capable of feeling the joy today in my life and let go of anxiety.
This day I learned
I learned that it’s OK to feel joy without fear. I’m allowed to be in the moment without worrying about having to pay for it later.
Sorrow over losing my job met sorrow about missing Matt. But I think he’s here with me sometimes,