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Allow the Light into Your Life

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Dissolving the negative thoughts as the sun dissolves the clouds in the sky. Allow the light into your life and share that with all others around you.
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I let IT in
I Think i got a light by doing something I have but I’m not sure but I will send love to everybody around me
Our mind is like the sky, vastly spacious and limitless. Occasionally, clouds form, obscuring the rays of the sun. Just like clouds in the sky, the clarity in our mind can get obscured by our thoughts and our own self-limiting beliefs. In this wonderful meditation, Nitima guides us to a place above the clouds of our mind to experience the light that is within each and every one of us. Visualizing myself as a jet plane, I prepared for takeoff. Moving fast down the runway, I prepared for liftoff. Climbing into the sky, I saw all of my surroundings getting smaller and smaller. Going through some clouds and a little wind turbulence here and there, I had finally reached the vast blue sky. Having the light from the rays of the sun touch my body and zap any self-limiting beliefs, I began to see clarity and feel limitless. Being back in my body now and thinking of a time when someone was kind to me, feelings of joy and gratitude filled my heart. As I began to envision a green glow expand from my heart to the rest of my body, increased feelings of joy and gratitude flooded into my Being, giving me a smile on my face. Wanting to share these beautiful feelings I felt with everyone, I envisioned this green glow expanding beyond my body and touching all beings. As I saw everyone being touched by this green glow, their demeanor turned into a state of ease. Seeing how this green glow touched their souls, I had even more intense feelings of joy and gratitude seep from my pores. What a beautiful experience! This meditation reminded me that I am the pilot of my own plane! Indeed, I have the power within to climb above the clouds to allow the light in and feel it seep from my body! Thank you Nitima! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Allowing my mind to open to the sky above the clouds is powerful. This meditation helped clear my mind and I will practice it more.
I am very new to meditation and still getting the hang of it and today was the first time i felt fully immersed in my practice. focusing on the positive light and spreading it throughout myself and radiating it was something my soul seemed to take hold of
Spot of kindness
Letting the light and warmth in allowing my kindness to spread not only to others but within myself.