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Affirmations of Gratitude

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Stacey Henry-Carr
Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
Use the repetition of I am statements to affirm what you are thankful for in your life. Music Lazy Rain by Aposine
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I Am Grateful & Thankful
‘I Am’ statements are one of the most powerful statements we can say to ourselves. These words filter into our mind and accepts them as truth. As our mind accepts these words as truth, we naturally begin to see our life change before our very eyes. This change we see can either be positive or negative depending upon which words we choose to say after ‘I Am’. As I got comfortable, taking in a few conscious breaths, I began to affirm to myself. I am grateful and thankful for my health. I am grateful and thankful for my friends and family. I am grateful and thankful for this day. I am grateful and thankful for this life. I am grateful and thankful for opportunities to love and be loved. I am grateful and thankful. I am grateful. I Am. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I found it helpful for gratitude statements. I know I had so much to be grateful for but can’t always come up with the insights ( my brain is full of them but not able to pull them out…..
Gratitude is an opening
It doesn’t have a trigger or a “have to” or “I should” or “if I don’t”. It’s like a falling in love. A gift. A welcome in. There could be a surprise but no trepidation. No alarm. There is an ease. I’m the guest and the host. Ahh
I felt a bit better.
It was like a pile of weight came off my chests... I don't have chest pain. I looked at my kiddo and felt happy.
jess 🧡
words of affirmation
it has been so long since i have done a meditation, so just sitting and relaxing, stating words of affirmation was amazing :)
I want to be in a state of gratitude everyday, so this really helped get me started!
A nice reminder of the important things to be grateful for every day