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Admiring the View

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Seymour Jacklin
Writer | Narrator
A chef and a painter are walking along a coastal clifftop, immersing us in their descriptions of the scenery below in their own special way. (Photo by Julia Solonina on Unsplash)
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3 reflections
Listening to a painter & a chef describe
This was great and very relaxing. The two for them took me on a wonderful walk. It was especially nice bc I did not have to think my own thoughts. I only had to listen.
So lovely. I was transfixed. I could set it. It reminded me to be aware and to always see things through my eyes but also to hear how others see them too.
The power of being consciously present
It spoke to me about how our immersive experiences can be elevated by absorption, contemplation and expression, and are further enhanced by sharing. I don’t suppose I’ll stand and stare at a piece of this world without consciously engaging my heart and mind again. I believe this will make me more appreciative and aware of my companions as well. Interesting, this.