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Achieve Your Goals Despite Resistance

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Emotional Intelligence
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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
This lesson is personal...It's a plea from me to you to make the most of your life by overcoming anything that stands between you and your goals.
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Wise knowledge
I feel that it's the minor things in life that accomplish your goals. Brick by brick builds a home. Take steps each day towards it and one day you will be living it. However, appreciate the journey as well. Often times the best memories happen when we don't realize it. Remember it's just the minor things and I'm a minor king.
Viva la Resistance
I learn that Resistance is my indicator to really look at why it shows up and exactly when it presents itself. Taking the time to inspect the reasons why I am not taking actions and let those thoughts go and create a new opportunity to plan and take a new actions to accomplish those goals.
Accomplishing goals
This recording has helped me identify positive strategies and mindsets to accomplish my goals. I find that we can apply mindfulness and positive communication to influence our destination and accomplishing our goals. Only we stand in our own way.