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Christina Calisto Winslow
Hypnosis, Meditation, Intuitive Coach
Access your Higher Self with 360 Hz Delta Brainwave Frequencies & Binaural Beats. This quantum hypnosis is created with healing Soundsynctech brainwave frequencies will assist you to connect to your Higher Self. Once you connect with your Higher Self, happiness and empowerment is embodied to greater degree. This hypnosis is deeper than meditation and will assist you in remembering how important you are to this world! In the 30 minute version: 23 minutes spoken word with 7 minute music ending for sleep. With continued use, the benefits of this hypnosis will increase. Do not use this hypnosis recording while driving. Relaxing in a quiet space and using headphones is recommended to receive the full benefit of this self-hypnosis.
From the community
8 reflections
Plz use Isochronic Tones also for those without headphones.
Lovely session. Nice voice, soothing. Plz record one with isochronic tones also for those who aren’t listening with headphones. Thank you 😊
Very relaxing
I feel calm, heavy & light, and confident. Listening to this again right now and every night.
i feel..
i feel very calm, and confident about myself. it definitely helped ground me and reset my mood this morning, i can go into today with a level head.
Too short
I was getting there but needed it to be twice as long. I substitute higher self for Holly Spirit and God’s sanctification of me and my life.
My higher self
I'm new to hypnosis. That was a nice intro. The longer ones are more effective for me. I could feel the sun, my body sinking down, my muscles relaxed fully. The sound was nice. I added earbuds so I found that to be a plus.
Too Short
I selected the 7 min meditation but it still somehow seemed too short and also ended somewhat abruptly when it felt like I was still "warming up."
Let it be
Let your inner spirit do the work. Trust yourself. Breath deep and enjoy the moment.
Too short
There was no end, nothing to bring you back. I’ll try the longer version next time, what I did do was good.