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Fernando Albert
Psychic Medium & Meditation Facilitator
The Akashic Records Meditation will grant you access to your Soul’s Libraries: The Akashic Records. I bring you the opportunity to access your Akashic Records through a great Guided Meditation. You only need to get comfortable, play this meditation, and allow yourself to be guided. You will enter a deep state of relaxation very quickly. You will be able to find a lot of yourself, your past lives, and answers to your most profound questions. Goal: Connect with your Akashic Records. Therefore, receive messages.
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Be you
Be you, no more, no less, just your best. Have the courage and strength to sit with your feelings. Do not exaggerate them. Do not make them bigger than they are. And do not make them smaller. Do not ignore them. Feel them. Sit with them. Release them. Be you. You do not need to overtly express yourself to make your point know. When it feels right, do. But never force or over dramatize for others sake. Your words from truth. From love. Are more than sufficient, they are real. They are felt. They are magnified.
Every path is right, there is no specific path that is better
I wanted to know which way to go and the clear message was there's no wrong way. There's no wrong choice. You will be right where you need to be. Follow the flowers.
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