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Acceptance of How Things Are

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Dr. Colleen Pearson
Psychologist & Meditation Teacher
This meditation works with where you are right now. If you have stress, anxiety, chronic pain or illness, or are not quite feeling well for any reason, you can still meditate with that there.
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2 reflections
Haven’t had this happen before at Aura but I couldn’t stay with this meditation. Listened twice and I still drifted away. At first I thought it was the voice but decided that wasn’t it. Then it came to me that there are some big things in my life I don’t want to accept, people I don’t want to forgive. And those hurts are keeping me from living my best life. Guess I’ve got work to do.
Very helpful
Feel the sensation, listen to the thought, except it, then ask my body what did you next. The challenge is excepting the answer because their mind they want to do some thing else.