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Abundance Subliminal Affirmations 888Hz

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Nicky Sutton
Meditation Guide & Hypnotherapist
6hrs sleep music; abundance and prosperity subliminal affirmations with 888Hz frequency for manifesting abundance while you sleep. Subliminals: - I attract abundance like a magnet into my life. - I feel completely free to live my life with infinite resources. - I am wealthy. - I deserve everything I need to live life to the full. - Abundance flows to me effortlessly. - I feel the joy of having so much abundance in my life. - The universe takes care of all my needs. - I have so much abundance in my life that there's plenty to share with others. - I trust the universe to provide me with abundance. - I am prosperous. - I release all resistance to money, and I see it flowing into my life. - My efforts are worthwhile. - And more.
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