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A Pound of Butter

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Story about honesty. Don't do to others what you do not wish on yourself.
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you get what you give
this so SO SO true. you can’t expect a mountain in return for an ant hill. next time you’re sad and have no clue why, or maybe you do know why, try being kind to someone else. hold the door for a stranger, smile at someone walking with their head down, in fact, smile at everyone; anything will help. even the littlest things can make huge differences in people’s lives.
What You Give Is What You Get
Such a true story! We always expect so highly of people when we don’t even give the similar energy.
A pound of butter
Be fair, even when the world is not. This is so hard for me but I still try.
Well stated. Smart man. Good story. It makes me think of saying to a friend that they should do or say something a certain way. When I in turn am not doing so. Or wanting someone to be respectful or caring and I have been neglecting them. I hope that makes sense. It's late.