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7 Minute Smile

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Oliver James Jenkin
Anxiety Expert & Intuitive Healer
Taking time to smile, in every sense of the feeling, is time well spent! This meditation helps you soften your body's innate willingness to feel good. Practically grounding in a concise way this meditation helps you access deep relaxed states of consciousness in waking life with ease. In short - it feels good to feel good, so why not smile.
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Text Leah hard to put into words will just happen for me. I’ve been holding onto some pain, hurt that I feel others have caused me. Which honestly I don’t normally do. Most of my life I’ve been able to let things go pretty easily last for years I have not. And because of that he’s holding onto resentment and hostility and pain I’ve lost myself I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, I even forgot with the forest look like. As I listen and I felt and I opened some healing took place I’ve never been with one much for forgiveness so long story and it doesn’t have really to do without I don’t believe in it I just have looked at it differently than most. I haven’t felt that I’ve needed to forgive. And I really haven’t in the past. Because things that of happened in my life weren’t necessarily about me they were about the other individual so I didn’t hold onto hurt or pain or resentment but this time I wasn’t able to do that. And in listening and an opening I started to forgive. I started to forgive myself for the things I’ve done that I wish I hadn’t. For some of the choices that I made that were painful and hurtful to myself and others. They put me in positions where I lost so much. Is it opened for me to forgive others not so much for the pain he cost me because that was my choice richest so I know that I can love them now that I don’t have to have resentment or anger I don’t have to have them in my life but I don’t have to be mad anymore or hurt. Somethings I wish were different but I can’t change that I can only change me and I can’t change the past I notice. But I wanna move on with my life and I’m stuck until this happens I realize that today I think I knew a little bit of it all along but I wasn’t ready. I can forgive myself for the choices I made, for the places I put myself for the things I’ve said and done to those that I’ve Loved that I still love. For me forgiveness is like an amend I have to be changes or almost doesn’t count I think that’s why I have always struggled with forgiveness because I felt like it was used as an excuse for many . But I realize I can’t worry what others do I can only worry what I do in my forgiveness I make change. I have to put action in place so that I don’t continue to make the same mistakes over and over again or the forgiveness is a little consequence really at least for me. I’m not perfect I never will be no do I want to be. I am perfect in my imperfection. I am a amazing beautiful inside and out human being. I finally love myself and what that means. But I’m continually moving forward and trying to be an even better me and sometimes it hurts. But the joy and freedom that I want to feel in my life is worth it. I want to be love, I want to give love I want to open my heart for myself and others to trust completely. I think this time in my life this piece of forgiveness is a big part of it that’s been missing. It was a wall that I couldn’t see that was stopping me from moving forward. I know there’s probably
Just smiling helps Aligning you breathing with smiling I feel happy now I finally got my period I work I have hope I have faith
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