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5D Ascension Sleep Meditation

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Nicky Sutton
Meditation Guide & Hypnotherapist
5D ascension sleep meditation with affirmations to enhance your ascension to 5D. Ascension sleep affirmations help to program our subconscious mind to make our transition to 5D, the 5th dimension of existence. Our subconscious mind puts positive beliefs into action, and our subconscious mind is always listening even during sleep. Many believe that we are shifting to a higher state of being in a new dimension, 5D. Relax and enjoy this relaxing sleep talk down as you drift off to sleep, then sense and feel yourself ascending to 5D.
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The dreams
I learned that although I’ve traveled many places while I sleep going to the Hyatt hotel and walking past different people and learning there behavior and what they thought and feeling all those emotions of hurt anger and pain as if I was an empath was interesting although I was experiencing a lot of negative energy it was still a slightly scary travel to walk amongst people and not really try to protect myself even after reading their behavior I was at peace and I was experiencing life in positive energy trying to overcome the negativity all around me it even got so bad that a hired killer wanted to kill me on the way and I overcame that as well without having to result in anyone being harmed
Decent into sleep
And guided into a expanded consciousness I felt I just had to go with it and listen drift and hear the phrases I’m going to over and over I lost track of time and that was OK I think I’ll do this several times in a row depending on my early morning schedule but it’s 530 and I feel wide awake and ready to tackle the day
In the dream I met a group of people and one girl was actually ascending to an Archangel! She came up to me and started speaking about the universe and consciousness, I even thought "what is this girl talking about". Because i don't know her and we're in public. Then her voice got a bit deeper, echoed and a pair of angel wings just flew from afar, attached to her body. Everything was glowing, a bright white light swirling around her. I was gonna get my phone out to record but I couldn’t get it out, could still move my body. I looked around and saw everyone was frozen then I realised this must be something that cannot be seen by everyone. But 4 other people were moving and looking just as shocked and amazed as me. She then introduced me to these people and said "you are the ones who will be raising consciousness of the Earth".
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