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5 Tips to Master the Tools of Life

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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
Have you ever asked yourself, “what have I done with my life?” You have a stable job, maybe a family, and good friends. Yet you feel that something important is missing. That all-important thing which motivates you to wake up early each morning and go to work on time. That tiny detail enables you to survive a week loaded with impossible tasks; that little something called drive.
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11 reflections
Tips to better my life
I need to take life as it is. Not necessarily meaning to sit back and do nothing but to understand not everything can and will go perfectly. Giving my best to activities I do day to day like sports and interactions helps my drive and positivity.
These are all things I’ve applied to my life over the years. They may be beneficial for some, but for me it’s common sense. “Choose an area to master” would be great if I hadn’t already done that and left that industry behind. This is definitely more helpful to those that work, but seems a little impractical for those of us that stay at home.
Mid-life and mid-career
At this stage in life it feels like I’m at a fork in the road. This session is a very useful refresher guide to assist with making important moves.
To Master the Tools of Life
You don’t have everything, but you can work hard to achieve and be good at something. Be it cooking, music, art or one of my personal favorite things ... English. I realize by going with this decision, it will help me feel good to know I’m really good at something and it is certain.
Not for me
This was a basic reform your life speech. I'd rather refocus my emotions. My physical world is fine. 😊
A nice refresher on life skills. For “free spirits”, this moment helps reorganize! Have fun!
Thought of the day
I learned that I am not motivated by other people telling me what should be done in order to be happy because other people have different definitions of happiness
Listening to the meditation made me feel so much better. Master something u like Have fun. Be yourself. Set achievable goals and Take risks
Looking for motivation to get me to accomplish some needed client work today...this wasn't it.
I guess I'm just too lazy or tired or scattered now to accomplish needed tasks! I NEED to place an order for some signs for a new client, but I'm not getting other tasks accomplished needed to do so! I need to go tidy up my office. I need to reclaim my office space, lost to the family while I languished in the hospital...but the task is just so darn overwhelming!
Tools of life
Listening to these tips I realized I need to take some chances. Do something different or unexpected. I tend to live conservatively and it is safe but, not always fun. We all need more fun in our lives!
5 tips for purpose
I listened and I heard my exact monologues from the past few weeks. I don’t hate my stable job I have a beautiful family but I need drive. But also be kind you can’t be perfect and that shouldn’t demotivate you either! Do your best and have fun.