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5 Minute Anytime Affirmations

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Michelle Walters
Hypnotherapist & Executive Coach
Listen to this track anytime for a mood boost with positive affirmations.
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4 reflections
This is …
…SO Groovy! Will you please take a moment to join me in listening to it? & have a Groovy day! ☕️🌀🐝🌀☕️
Meditation on the fly
I woke up distracted and disappointed this morning. Full of emotions resentment for the way this year has gone, grateful that I’m with family but still longing for more. I needed to be here, present, because as I look at my son I really am making progress towards the now/ future . Thank you
Important things to remember
I tend to be the hardest on myself so these affirmations are book marked! Love these sessions!
Expressions of Invaluable Truths
Sad to say, so many of these affirmations were written for me! For this Baby Boomer, I grew up in the 50’s with Sacrifice a god to be worshipped, Rule-Following an un- challenged Expectation, and Self-Acceptance and Self-Love, Boorish Affectations to be avoided at all cost. Each Affirmation was the Flip-Side of a Belief etched in my Soul— each a much-needed Confirmation of the Belief I had throughout my Life held Silently and Unspoken in my heart: I Am Enough! Namaste
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