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4 Ps, Predisposing to Protective

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Dawn-Elise Snipes
Clinical Psychotherapist
-Predisposing Factors: Early experiences, personal characteristics -Precipitating: Vulnerabilities -Perpetuating: Reinforcing factors and skill/resource deficits -Protective: Strengths
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4 Ps
The "4 P's" analogy (or whatever you call it- something that is meant to educate you but in a way that is more easily & sometimes fun to learn and easier to remember) anyways, the 4 P's thing taught me a very insightful and helpful way to really kind of step back & evaluate certain things when I am upset/emotional. Which - tools/practices to help guide me through difficult times, experiences, events, people, thoughts, feelings, conflict/problems, etc - is something I feel I very much need, and I always feel as though everything I see, every book I've read, etc, everything says mainly just advice/ tips that I've already heard & tried again & again and so much of what normally works (so they say) for the majority of people, doesn't do even the slightest bit of anything for me. It's very disappointing and heartbreaking of course. But this 4 P's (or should I say 5 P's because it is PROFOUND/POWERFUL.) to my shock, it's new to me, not "basic"
I just signed my new contract, education is on the agenda. I also asked Ilona about drawing her, she agreed! Let’s capitalise on it!
Faith is needed on this journey of ups and downs. That and a good team. Let me work on that now.
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