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3-Anchor Meditation: 10-Minute Practice

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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
* The two longer versions of the 3-Anchor meditations are totally different recordings from the 3-min version, with slightly different instructions in each recording* When we are stuck in reactivity--fear, sadness, anger, restlessness--awareness can feel tight and small, like tunnel vision, and in this contracted condition it's difficult to break old habits or to see possibilities for new thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This 3-Anchor meditation can help with softening and widening awareness, to give ourselves the space to move more freely and intentionally. Please feel free to reach out with thoughts, questions, or objections! :) I would love to hear from you. ~Deanna
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2 reflections
Almost Surreal Sensing
Noticing my eyes moving in my head, the process of seeing, feeling my muscles focusing, blinking and realizing it’s all from within my vessel of a body took away all racing thoughts that anchored me in my head. Sensing and knowing this vessel is doing it is truly grounding.
3 anchor meditation
I enjoyed this longer version. I had just done the 7 minute one. I found this enjoyable once again. It really works in sync for me with the 3 anchors. As opposed to breathing only. It's very effective. I finally let go of yesterday, last night, and my day today. That would not have happened without this. Thank you!!!
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