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141 Thank You's Gratitude Meditation

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Nicky Sutton
Meditation Guide & Hypnotherapist
Gratitude-guided meditation ('thank you' meditation) with gratitude affirmations. Repeat after me or just listen. Foster gratitude to manifest more to be grateful for and to raise your vibration. This is a thank you meditation, with 141 thank you's. Having gratitude for many things in your life and for all that you've yet to receive (as if you have it now) is key to bringing all good things into your reality. Gratitude fosters happiness. Lots of love!
From the community
2 reflections
Thank you for this meditation.
There are MANY things to be grateful for. I listen to this meditation every morning while getting ready for work. My days have been more relaxed and calmer.
I am grateful and thankful for all thing. Thankful that you share this meditation with me.
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