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10 Steps For A Better Life - Step 1

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Ian Tucker
Author, Meditation & Reiki Teacher
10 Steps for a Better Life - Step 1 - Live just for today. Your past is now your story, nothing more. It has gone forever. Regret is a total waste of your time, see what came to test you as an opportunity to grow, and when you do look back be kind to yourself and focus on cherished memories. But what of the future? Well, 99.9% of anything that you and I have ever worried about has never happened - In fact worry is like praying for things you don't want. This track is part of a 10 step series. Image by Jack Carter @Unsplash.
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Live in the Moment
Even though the past is forever gone and the future hasn’t happened yet, we tend to bounce between these two points in time like a pin ball in a pin ball machine. Being bounced from one moment in time to another causes much suffering. Stuck in the past, we can easily get wrapped up in the stories of could have, would have, should have. Stuck in the future, we can easily get wrapped up in the stories of what if. This moment right here, right now is the only moment that is real. To help us to be in this moment of power, we can intentionally take a pause throughout our day to notice sounds in our environment, connect with the breath, feel touch points in the body with the environment, look at the sky and notice sensations in the body. Live in the moment. It is the only moment we truly have to love, learn and grow. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Ten Steps
I felt calmer and more now focused with a little bit about thinking of the future.
I felt at peace and more prepared to start the day
Reminding myself to stay in the present moment will help reduce my anxiety about the future because most of my future worries will never happen.
Session 1
I felt relief. I felt tears. I felt "letting go." I noticed my heartrate drop. Water sound is calming.
Better life
I learned that nothing is permanent, everything is impermanent. We are here now. 99,9% of our worries never happened. We should take care of present!
Day 1
Live in moment….that all there really is. Ho Hoeveel wil je nog dat ik schrijf een heel klein beetje niet goed van ik wil alleen gewoon even een kleine aantekening maken ik heb helemaal geen zin om hele lange verhalen te lopen zitten in een app
Step 1: A better life series
So much useful information. I'm excited to see what's in store for me as I continue this series.
Each day
I love being offered ways to come back to the moment, embrace my past as because of it I am still here and allow the future to unfold on its own. Trusting that all is well in this very moment.
Step 1
Past, present, and future. The past is gone forever. The present is this moment right now. The future is uncertain. The difference between the three is: the past and the future cause unneeded stress, anxiety and worry. Acceptance of the past, living life in the present moment, and not allowing my thoughts to exist in the uncertainty of the future. Nothing lasts forever. Anything I encounter on my journey, good or bad, will pass.