Peace In the Midst of Coronavirus: Giving Away Thousands of Meditations on Aura for Free

Peace In the Midst of Coronavirus: Giving Away Thousands of Meditations on Aura for FreePeace In the Midst of Coronavirus: Giving Away Thousands of Meditations on Aura for Free

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented change and threat to our world, physically, mentally, and economically. People are creating a “new normal” through social distancing, struggling with illness and recovery, and mourning deaths of loved ones. Our futures are uncertain, unemployment rates are spiking, and we are likely to be heading into a recession.

During this time, we must not stand still. We must go the extra mile to love and support each other to get through this time, and come out even stronger as one global community.

Aura Health will be providing Aura for free to anyone in need - full access to our mobile app with thousands of mindfulness meditations & more from the world’s best coaches.

Our mission is to restore the world’s emotional health, and we want to lift up our everyday heroes and provide inner peace. This is the very reason why our company exists and, in this critical time, we believe our mission calls us to serve people selflessly. People come before profits for us, and we want to offer hope and light to those in need.

Get Aura Premium for free for 3 months by using the code: “FINDPEACE2020” at No credit card is required.

We are all here today because of our everyday heroes - healthcare workers at the forefront of fighting the virus, teachers using video to teach students, mothers taking care of their children and family, chefs cooking for the local community, and local workers delivering groceries and critical supplies.

We want to honor all of you, and we recognize that not everyone is able to pay for our subscription today. If you are financially able, please consider downloading and subscribing to Aura and join our global community of millions; if you're not, please use the code above - we do not ask for your credit card.

Our desire is that all of our heroes will be able to start taking a moment for themselves throughout the chaos and protect their wellbeing. We're here to support you.

If you know anyone who may find Aura helpful, please share about Aura's free subscriptions with your family, friends, and work team.

-Aura team

What is Aura?

Aura is “Spotify for mindfulness” and more, providing thousands of meditations, life coaching, and stories, from a global network of coaches. 

With Aura, you can find peace throughout the day  with audio guidance from the world’s best coaches, with topics ranging from stress & anxiety, sleep, focus, and inspiration. As you use Aura, each moment will be more special and personalized, as it learns what works for you. 

Tracks start at just 3 minutes so that anyone can form a daily habit easily or take a moment for themselves to feel better.

About Aura Health

Aura Health is a startup in San Francisco with the mission of restoring the world's emotional health. Its product Aura is an Apple award-winning mobile app used by millions of people around the world.

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