Aura vs. Noisli: Which App Should You Choose to Enhance Your Sleep Quality?

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Aura Health Team
Aura Health is a community of hundreds of top coaches, therapists, and storytellers worldwide. We are here to provide the world’s most extensive, personalized collection of mental wellness content & services.
Aura Health Team
Written by
Aura Health Team
Aura Health is a community of hundreds of top coaches, therapists, and storytellers worldwide. We are here to provide the world’s most extensive, personalized collection of mental wellness content & services.
Aura vs. Noisli: Which App Should You Choose to Enhance Your Sleep Quality? Aura vs. Noisli: Which App Should You Choose to Enhance Your Sleep Quality?

Aura vs. Noisli: Which App Should You Choose to Enhance Your Sleep Quality? 

If you are searching for apps to enhance your sleep, you have probably come across Aura and Noisli. These two apps offer tracks you can listen to while in bed to fall and stay asleep. These apps are known to greatly improve your sleep quality, so you can wake up feeling fully rested. While both Aura and Noisli offer a variety of sleep meditation tracks, their approaches differ. Aura focuses on sleep meditations and sleep soundtracks as well as mindfulness meditations and coaching for all aspects of well being. Noisli specialises in calming sleep frequencies and soundtracks for a restful night's sleep as well as workday productivity tracks. Let's explore a comparison of Aura and Noisli to help you pick the perfect fit for your sleep needs.

Aura vs. Noisli at a Glance

Aura Meditation App

Aura, “Spotify for mental wellness,” is the all-in-one app for mental wellness and sleep that provides the world’s most extensive mental wellness content library and community. Over 8 million people choose Aura to find peace, and Aura has won the “Best of Apple” award.

By partnering with hundreds of top coaches & therapists worldwide as creators, Aura offers the world’s largest premium collection of meditations, stories, sleep tracks, life coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, breath work, hypnosis, prayer, and much more.

Unlike traditional meditation apps that provide one-size-fits-all content libraries created by a few coaches, Aura leverages AI to provide anyone with personalised access to its all-in-one mental wellness library that continuously learns what works for you. Moreover, you can connect with the community on Aura Live hosted by our coaches and receive 1-1 coaching directly on Aura. Aura is the one app you need to transform your well-being and life.

Noisli Meditation App

Noisli is a digital place for focus. It helps people relax, focus on work, and sleep better by providing a variety of soothing sounds and customizable background noises. Users can mix and match sounds like rain, thunder, wind, and white noise to create their ideal ambiance for sleep. Additionally, the app offers features such as timers and productivity-enhancing modes to aid in winding down before bedtime. Its combination of calming sounds and customizable options make it a popular choice for those seeking to improve their sleep and work quality. 

Aura Meditation App Overview

Aura’s Features

  • A content library of over 30,000 tracks: In addition to ambient soundscapes such as nature sounds and soothing background noises, Aura offers a well-rounded library of coaching and meditation content.  Aura’s sleep content includes meditations to relax before going to sleep, sleep stories, hypnosis, energy healing, sleep meditations, and sleep music/ambient tracks. 
  • An all-in-one mindfulness solution: You’ll find a selection of ever-growing content beyond sleep, including Life Coaching, Breath work, Affirmations, Health Coaching and more. The all-in-one approach to your well-being helps to improve your various lifestyle habits that are interrelated with sleep.  
  • Coaching & community: Many of Aura’s coaches and meditation experts offer free, live sessions, so listeners feel a sense of community and connection. Listeners can also schedule 1-1 coaching sessions with their favourite coaches from within the app. This ensures users feel truly supported and inspired.
  • Smart personalization: Aura recommends tracks to users based on each individual’s unique and changing preferences, needs, and moods. This helps the user save time and energy in finding the best tracks for their needs.
  • Ambient Tracks: You can fall asleep or work to Aura’s soundscapes and tranquil ambient noise offered by expert composers and musicians.

Aura’s Benefits

  • Improve sleep: Aura is known for offering high-quality, soundscapes and background noises, effective guided meditations, sleep stories, and sleep soundtracks that many users report are effective for improving their sleep quality and duration. 
  • Intelligent customization: Aura’s algorithm accurately curates track recommendations that fit your changing moods from day to day. With these customized suggestions, you spend less time searching for tracks and more time listening to just what you need.
  • Life coaching: Aura offers access to an impressive community of coaches accessible to a range of budgets. You can add optional coaching sessions and free live sessions where you can get to know coaches and work with them individually. These 1-1 and group sessions can support you in improving lifestyle habits impacting your sleep.

Aura - What Could Be Better

  • Limited free features: While Aura’s pricing is reasonable and competitive, the free version limits Aura users to 3-minute meditations and Aura Live sessions. Longer sleep meditations are available only to premium customers. However, there are some free trial options for the premium content to get you started, and most find that access to this premium content is well worth the value.

Aura Pricing

Aura’s limited version: Free. Access to live coaching sessions and a wide variety of 3-minute meditations.

A Premium subscription gets you unlimited access to all meditations, life coaching, stories, music, hypnosis, offline capabilities, and much more.

Monthly Plan: US$ 11.99

Annual Plan: US$ 69.99 with a 7-day free trial

Lifetime Plan: US$ 399.99

Family Plan: (upgrade to add more members in one subscription) US$ 119.99

Noisli Meditation App Overview

Noisli Core Features

  • Background tracks. Noisli’s tracks are designed to help you relax for sleep or concentrate during a long day of work or focus. You can choose from calming playlists of music and ambient sounds, all with customization options to move along with you throughout the pace of your day. 
  • Productivity Timer. Aimed to help you prevent burnout while at work or sleep better during the night, you can choose calming tracks to listen to for specific activities and duration of your day. Noisli’s “working in sessions” feature allows you to break up your work into smaller and more efficient time blocks.
  • Productivity Tracker. Timer statistics help you track your productivity and progress throughout the day. This can help you better understand your workflow patterns and be more productive.  

Noisli Benefits

  • Sleep better. Noisli’s sleep tracks are designed to calm and relax you, allowing for a complete night’s sleep.
  • Avoid burnout. Noisli helps you pace your day with soundtracks to support a calming workflow. With a variety of playlists and options, you can enjoy a stress-free work and sleep environment. 
  • More productivity. Noisli helps you track and focus on your productivity and outcomes while working or doing important tasks, helping you to understand your workflow and analyze your productivity.

Noisli - What Could Be Better

  • Less content variety. Noisli offers mostly background soundscape content related to sleep and productivity, so there’s less variety for using Noisli throughout your day. While Noisli supports better sleep and productivity, it offers a limited, less comprehensive approach to well-being.
  • Fewer tracks. Background and ambient content tracks are limited to 28 sounds, though you can combine tracks or customize them to a wide variety of personal options.

Noisli’s Pricing

Noisli’s limited version: Free content is limited.

For access to all features: 

Annual Personal Plan: $120 per year billed at $10/month.

Business Team Plan (for multiple users): $288/year billed at $24/month

Noisli or Aura: Which Should You Choose?

Feature Aura Noisli
Quality of Content 5/5 5/5
Variety of Content 5/5 2/5
Personalization 5/5 5/5
Ease of Use 5/5 5/5
Life Coaching Yes No
Cost Monthly Plan: $11.99 Annual Plan: $69.99 Lifetime Plan: $399.99 Family Plan: $119.99 Annual Individual Plan: $120 Annual Busines Team Plan: $288

Conclusion: Aura Is Your All-In-One Solution for Improving Sleep

Aura's vast content library of over 30,000 tracks covering all aspects of well-being makes it a clear standout. By joining Aura, you gain access not only to personalized sleep meditations tailored to your unique mood and needs but a variety of well-being coaching and techniques that make it a much better value. With its innovative and extensive content, including workday tracks, hypnosis, and energy healing, Aura offers a more comprehensive solution for adults struggling with sleep and stress issues. Aura caters to individuals committed to improving well-being, emphasizing self-care, and enhancing sleep quality while embracing mindfulness. Additionally, Aura provides access to a remarkable community of coaches. 

April 11, 2024
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