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Your Anxiety Is Not You

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This client story echoes the work of alleviating anxiety for so many who struggle with the world's biggest mental health problem, and the special friend who helped her life (far more) of the time, in the present moment. Do you have a question for me? Please send it to mail@dorothyratusny.com Namaste!
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16 reflections
Aura is a healer
I’m learning to have healthy thinking and feeling 🌞🌞☀️Aura helps me get it under control.
Live in the present moment
Pets can help center you and to work on living in the present moment
Will beat anxiety
I learned that anxiety is the fear of something that hasn’t even happened yet. The chances are it might not ever happen. I will learn to return to the present moment when I feel anxious. The what ifs are just that. Not definite. I will learn to not focus on the what ifs and bring myself back to the present moment.
Anxious thoughts
My mind goes to places of low self esteem and the past hurts I have suffered. I like the simple yet hard practice of reframing my thoughts and deciding what is true.
Day 1
I noticed that when she first started talking about anxiety and how prevalent it is that I started to feel anxious about that. But by the end I almost had a sense of relief or emotional release, I could feel tears welling up. I know it will feel good to do this work.
Please, enough Gabby for the love of God
I can't take hearing about Gabby one more time. I don't like this at all
The story was okay, reasonably helpful in terms of content. There’s something about the instructor’s phrasing or pacing that just didn’t work for me…others may feel differently.
1st session
I want to learn to live in the present and stop thinking about the future or the past. I want to focus on what is now.
I learned that I can deal with self-doubt and analyse thoughts individually without being overwhelmed
Being Present
I really liked the thought of trying to be present when anxious thoughts creep up.
I like the idea of writing down and rewriting negative thoughts. I also realized how much I miss my cat Iga.
I enjoy these pre made sessions and plan to keep up both the mindfulness and anxiety programs.
I am there,
but not yet, Dorothy. My life started with a broken finger but may end with a 💔. If I cannot get help, I cannot Write. No man is an Island, but this little imposter is a Writer who can no longer find her funny stories 😥, and may never write the best ones down.
Day 1
I learned that I am not the only one suffering. It’s true when I start to think of the future and where I will be in regards to my life I fill with anxiety. I need to learn to listen for a moment, sit with it then realize that I have no idea what the future holds. It’s time to start living for the present and reestablishing my surroundings can help.
Is this 100% true? This question used in order to reframe and reassess and challenge my thinking is so helpful, and will help me return to the present and actual truth of the matter.
Day 1
Learned there are far more people than expected with anxiety also, that PTSD is something that can be managed through CBH therapy. I remain hopeful, at least for today that AURA can help along with my regular therapy.
Day 1
I know she mentions pets and children can help us live in the present moment and I find this to be accurate most of the time. Generally if I am able to shift my focus to them in the moment I do feel a sense of relief. However when I become anxious because I am feeling overwhelmed with life and it’s demands I find this to be quite the opposite.