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Your Anxiety Is Not You

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This client story echoes the work of alleviating anxiety for so many who struggle with the world's biggest mental health problem, and the special friend who helped her life (far more) of the time, in the present moment. Do you have a question for me? Please send it to mail@dorothyratusny.com Namaste!
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3 reflections
Aura is a healer
I’m learning to have healthy thinking and feeling 🌞🌞☀️Aura helps me get it under control.
Live in the present moment
Pets can help center you and to work on living in the present moment
Will beat anxiety
I learned that anxiety is the fear of something that hasn’t even happened yet. The chances are it might not ever happen. I will learn to return to the present moment when I feel anxious. The what ifs are just that. Not definite. I will learn to not focus on the what ifs and bring myself back to the present moment.