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Leo Richard
Peace Compass
A soft delicate dance in the movement of wind. Notice how aware of your breath you are as you dance with the wind.
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Alive. Responsive. Strength. Adaptability. I love to ride bikes because the wind blowing in my face makes me feel alive. Riding my bike into a headwind shows my strength. Seeing my speed increase with a tailwind teaches me about responsiveness. Growing up with strong winds coming from different directions in KS taught me about adaptation. I regularly heard the saying "go wherever the wind blows you." I also had to learn how to stand in the wind, move against the wind, and move with the wind.
Wind in my space
Many memories arise from my past talking about fields, grass, trees and leaves rustling with the wind. Crickets are by the dozens
This was a great exercise for me. I like escape and picturing myself in other places in times of anxiety.
This meditation was not exactly my cup of tea. Wind makes my ears hurt and I need to keep them covered. I did like his soothing voice and presentation though. 🙏🌷
Gentle Wind
A cold front is beginning to move through my area bringing with it welcoming cooler temperatures and wind. As I listen to this meditation, the wind begins to blow. As the wind blows, seeing the leaves begin to dance, I feel enchanted. As the wind blows, hearing the wind chimes create harmony makes me feel at peace. As the wind blows, breathing in new fresh air, I feel a sense of aliveness. As the wind blows, feeling this cooler air hitting my skin and blowing through my hair, I feel awakened. It feels good to ‘just be’ in the gentle wind. Thank you, Mother Nature! Namaste ☮️❤️🙏🏻😊