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What a Father Needs to Be

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Sharing with you the 8 sacred habits of fatherhood.... What is most important for any father to know is that your ability to parent is reflective in who you are first as a human being. Fatherhood will teach you so much about yourself; it will illuminate your strengths and your character and it will also highlight your insecurities and your weaknesses. It will require of you to be self responsible; to lead by example - to impress not by your words but because of what you consistently do and how you are with others. In my work with couples, with fathers who are single parents, and fathers who are living with new partners and their children in blended families - there is always the single most important challenge of being your best self. Children as they grow will challenge you to do this as their needs and demands change. Seeing your children as the catalyst to help you become the best version of who you are - and without allowing yourself to become caught up in ego - of needing or demanding undue respect simply because you are in a position of authority. Your children will respect and love you because of your consistent kindness and fairness in how you treat them and because you are willing to share your knowledge and wisdom - respectfully. MUSIC: North Atlantic Drift: 'trails'
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My Father
I learned that I should be very grateful that I had an understanding, caring, loving, and healthy relationship with my father. I learned many things from him and I really think that he learned things from his children too. I really appreciate the relationship that I had with him and I will cherish our memories forever.
Thanks Dorothy
I needed that today! My 15 yr old daughter and I had a brief spat 2 nights ago over disrespect. Kids are tough y’all, we do the best we can!
I USED to think that my title of father defined me and my life fairly well! Then? The world crashed in like an evil wave! First I suffered a massive stroke, taking me away from my wife and children for six long months. Returning home unable to walk any longer life became a litany of dependencies upon my family for even the smallest of actions. All three of my kids had to see me wallowing, unable to so much as sit up in bed under my own power. Then months and months more work struggling to learn to move and walk for myself once again...all while having lost all means of supporting our family. Now? My elder two kids are legally adults, and though still under my roof, basically beyond my control or influence. The youngest is here under state and county imposed ”house arrest” due to this Chinese bioweapon attack and overly restrictive rules and orders locking us down away from the world! I'm at my lowest point mentally since I started my mindfulness practice with Aura a few years ago, having found myself feeling suicidal over my situation. Lately, I've moved away from mindfulness, but realized this morning I NEEDED to return to the habit! This new Aura interface is pretty and all, but the mechanics of it are odd. I listened to a couple of sessions, but wasn't offered to reflect upon either in the usual fashion. Does Aura not do this any longer? Or is it a glitch I've run in too?
I’m learning how to relax my mind and body. So I’m not always tense, able to go into a deeper sleep. Waking more refreshed.
I just got done with meditation and I took all my stress away
I learned that if you meditate it helps kill all the stress and burn things that stress you out during the day I have learned a lot of things like not getting to go anywhere and that really stresses me out and people holler Margo Margo too much and I don’t like that anymore because I’m seriously sick tired people doing that and this meditation helps me relax and stay calm and quiet and at peace and I love this meditation ❤️
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