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Verses from the Tao (Chapters 21 - 25)

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Tudor Alexander
Alignment Coach
A recording of the verses from the Tao te Ching written by Lao Tzu and narrated by Tudor Alexander.
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The Doa
I may not be able to spell it but I can feel it. A good reminder of its presence in all of us. Namaste
dastyn robbyn
Morning Reflections
I learned that just to be & be grateful is important. Learning to let things go that do not serve you anymore is so important in order for something new and healthier to step in and take its place. The tao has reminded me to stay humble. To ground myself again and to appreciate the beingness of others and the world. I feel as though I shall not speak first unless it’s truly necessary. I do not chase I attract. I am eternally grateful for the Tao.
Goedemorgen ✌️☺️ 🇳🇱🧡🇺🇸
what a thought-provoking session to start the day with. AWESOME!
Verses from the Tao
If I'm trying to live my life with as much live as I can then my life will become full of love