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Pasha Lyndi
Nature-Based Mindfulness & Sleep Stories
Self-care is vital for our health. We'll cover five different aspects of wellbeing, and see which we already doing, and where we need more support, to upgrade our weekly self-care routine and thrive!
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3 reflections
Self care scan
Wow I do a lot already ! Thank you this has made me realise that I’m good at self care but I need to try a little bit more in some of those areas you talked about. Thank you 🙏
Self-care is not selfish
Great reminder that I’m worth the time, attention, care and love. And it’s when I’m first well-taken care of (by me) that I can adequately offer that to others around me who I love.
Self care journaling
What a great way of getting insight into what may be lacking in my self care routine. For I now understand that I cannot be present for my loved ones and my job in healthcare if I do not practice good self care.