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Treasure Yourself ~ a Gratitude Meditation

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
A gratitude meditation - research has shown the benefits vast such as a greater sense of happiness and well-being. As you soften your heart and welcome yourself home to your true nature your life may be transformed. Science shows us that by presencing our blessings we can relieve depression, improve immune function, and lower blood pressure.
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Grateful Moment
I am grateful for where I am now. Thankful that my children are healthy and able to walk, talk, and see. I am grateful for the blessings God has blessed me with in this moment. I will hold on and remember my gratefulness.
I am grateful for the space I'm currently in. This year has taught me to be more grateful for what I have a be more in the present.
Alive and knowing it with gratitude
Today a general gratefulness for being alive was what settled, this feeling encompassed gratitude for basic bodily functions like waking up, being present, reflection on interactions with other people especially the random ones and the chance for a new day and a continuing sense of hope, effort to be made but quietly flying the flag of hope for better days yet to cone.
Morning thanks
Gratitude is such a powerful place to start your day from. Being grateful for my breath and this body that supports me every single day, provides me with the opportunities for endless growth 🙏🏼
I noticed myself growing more calm with this gratitude meditation.