Three Minute Peace Pause (Youth Tracks)

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Majik with Bradley T. Morris
Only have a few minutes, but need to shift your mindset, emotional state or attitude? This is the meditation for you. Feel better in just three simple minutes!
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Fast effective
Sometimes the quicker meditations aren't as effective for me, but this one was great & allowed me to re-centre & ground myself. Definitely a go-to favourite!
This was very quick, but introduced me to physically feeling the energy I all serbinf about. It also helped me to begin my personal visualization of what i think my energy looks like.
What my energy looks like. I’m researching on visualization while I meditate, and this was the first guided meditation that really helped introduce the visualization. It was very exciting.
I feel more comfortable now.
Just taking a few minutes out of my morning helps keep the rest of the day on track.