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This is How You Feel Happy

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
A meditation on how to handle difficult emotions and letting go to come to a better, relaxed state of being.
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14 reflections
Peaceful movement
I felt an outward flow of the negative emotions and an inward streaming of the gentle love God has for me. An inward stream of the self love And desire for peace. A special motivating calm. I will be using this medication often.
I need to find a position that is comfortable since I am actually trying to sit instead of lay down. I need to breathe more deeply more often because it felt like I was stretching my ribs. my feelings were Gratitude and peacefulness
Feeling happy
I felt really happier after this session. Will be doing it again for sure.
Not certain that this session helped me today or not. I’m unsure if the feelings I wanted to be free of have been replaced by the ones I wish to feel. Guess the rest of my morning and Halloween day will show if this actually worked. Here’s a treat for the day: my wife watches this every Halloween, and had it playing right at midnight last night/this morning! https://youtu.be/8hpqB00-HGk
This is How you feel
I learned that I can focus on the feelings I do what, such as peace and happiness. The exercise of releasing unwanted feelings is liberating.
Bye bye balloons
I learned to acknowledge my emotions and snip the bad ones away like balloons on strings.
I'm struggling with hard feelings right now. These 10 minutes were a chance to release them even just a little.
Feeling again
I realized I may have been feeling numb lately because now I felt my heart feel again. Good meditation to check in with how you are feeling.
Shifting feelings
I can do this any time of the day while tapping. I can share this with my kids and help them shift too.
Wow! This really helped. I was struggling with deep feelings of grief today. This meditation really helped me shift that which I thought was unshiftable. I will definitely use this again! Thank you! 🙏
Feel happy
I can face my negative feelings and blow them away and accept all the positive thoughts and feelings x thank you xxx
Not sure about this one
Maybe because it was the end of the day but struggled with this one
Shifting Feelings
I liked the idea of breathing an emotion out of your body, but found it compromised my easy breathing pattern too much. Will have to practice some more.
We may not realize it, but in each moment we are given a choice. A choice to welcome in mindfulness, to recognize what is here and allow what is here. It is in this recognizing and allowing that we can choose how we want to feel in the next moment. As I connected with my breath, I slowed down to witness this moment. I recognized and said yes to some restless feelings I was experiencing. Just noticing what restlessness felt like in this body, I was aware of any messages it had for me. With Dorothy’s guidance, I began to use the power of my breath to consciously choose the feeling I wanted to experience in the next moment. As I breathed in this sense of ease on my inhale, the restlessness began to slowly dissolve on my exhale. This continued until my whole body felt this sense of ease. With this sense of ease radiating from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, I am getting quite familiar with how ease feels in my body. This is important because I’ll be able to tell if this state changes throughout my day. And, if it does, which it will, I can consciously choose to return to this state using the power of the breath. Thank you for this powerful tool, Dorothy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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