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The Ultimate Self-Care Guide

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Here, I share with you the ultimate self-care guide ; the very best habits and routines that will forever be how you care for your individual needs.  You might not yet realize just how important self-care is, until you experience for yourself just how much better you feel, and how self-sufficient and resilient you become when you give back to yourself; and its how you do this that is so important. Self-care is how you nourish and sustain yourself.  It is these practical habits that ensure that you have what is needed to care for yourself in the best possible way.   With the world ever-changing to support a new way of life for us all; of bringing to the forefront the need for self-care and practices that support and sustain our health and well being, now is the perfect time to invest in taking care of your every need. Here, please enjoy this complete list of self-care best practices; and please share the list with your loved ones! Namaste! xo https://www.dropbox.com/s/va8sex21e7rcvcs/The%20Ultimate%20Self-Care%20Guide%20-%20Life%20Coaching%20WISDOM%20with%20Dorothy%20Ratusny.pdf?dl=0
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