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The Ultimate Self-Care Guide

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Self-care is how you nourish and sustain yourself. It is these practical habits that ensure that you have what you need to care for yourself in the best possible way. You may not yet realize just how important self-care is until you experience just how much better you feel ~ and how cared for and resilient you become when you give to yourself what is needed. With the world and your life ever-changing, now is the perfect time to invest in taking care of your needs. Use this link for downloading the free PDF and your ultimate self-care guide: Sending you great love.... xo dorothy
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Best Self-Care Practices
WOW! I learned much about self-care practices and how to incorporate them into my day. I was pleased that I have recently learned to do some of these self-care behaviors prior to listening to this. I appreciate everything Dorothy Ratusny shares. She is an example of love and how to be kind and loving to our Self and to others. I laud her a thousand times over for having material available for her listeners that can be printed. I will listen to this Best Self Practices many times and print them for reminders in my daily schedule, routines, reflections, and day by day, moment by moment to continue my growth in self-love, being my best authentic self, being Love, and expressing my Love to Self and to others. Thank you once again for a truly enlightening session! Namaste!
Life changing advice
I can see how my life will be pre- and post listening to this great session. Thank you!
Understanding the importance of self care
By taking care of my self and investing in time and new habits I am improving my overall well being. By practicing daily self care I feel love with my self. And now I am applying self care to everyone around me.
Self care
Honesty and 29 other points of being Making boundaries that breath Sleep touch sunlight what gifts free for the developing. This little bit of journaling helps claim and develop me. In this individualistic culture - these traits are not what I see as competitive exclusionary type A consuming fixated or obsessive. They are a true flowering of the self. I am a lotus blossom. I am a densely feathered peony on an impossible small stem bowing slightly.
Self care guide
Dorothy, that was superb. As always, you've taught me so much! Your information regarding 30 ways I can practice self care was not only informative, but gave me a lot of ideas on how to information them into my life. I will need to listen a few more times to take it all in! One item you mentioned is one that I haven't explored. Journaling. I am going to buy a nice journal to write down my feelings. I will so look for your other sessions on this subject for further guidance. Thank you so much for this coaching session. 😊
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