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The Ultimate Self-Care Guide

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Self-care is how you nourish and sustain yourself. It is these practical habits that ensure that you have what you need to care for yourself in the best possible way. You may not yet realize just how important self-care is until you experience just how much better you feel ~ and how cared for and resilient you become when you give to yourself what is needed. With the world and your life ever-changing, now is the perfect time to invest in taking care of your needs. Use this link for downloading the free PDF and your ultimate self-care guide: Sending you great love.... xo dorothy
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Prioritizing Self Care
Self care is how you nourish and sustain yourself. It is vital to your overall health and wellbeing. With the world ever changing to support a new way of life for all of us, now is the perfect time to invest taking care of your every need. When you take care of your needs, you feel nourished, content, in balance and this supports your ability to feel at peace. You are able to manage stress better. It will boost your confidence as well as your self esteem. It is a form of self love. This is an area I struggle with even though I know the importance and value of it. I realize where this habit comes from. I get it from my mom. I will put everyone else’s needs first above mine until I am completely burnt out. I am getting better at becoming aware of it. And, working to get better at making sure I am practicing some form of self care everyday. It makes me a better person for myself, friends, family, and hubby.
Feeling left wanting more
I know self care is important I wanted real suggestions on what to do!
I never realised
… that self care and self love is vital to how I support myself and perceive the world. I always felt guilty loving myself But now I see it is important for my psychological well-being.
Love a list!
There are many ways to care for yourself. Noting that each day you are responsible to provide yourself LOVE.
It is my responsibility to protect the temple in which “I AM.” *Inhale loving myself, exhale negative thoughts…Inhale loving myself, exhale all doubts, fears, and insecurities.* I AM responsible for the amount of love that I chose to invest and pour into my self & temple. And the only one who truly benefits most from doing so, is none other than myself. I AM love.
Where do I go to get the PDF etc…
Thank you 😊 I really enjoyed this. It reminded me I am important too. My needs need to be met and who better than me to meet them. 🖤💜
Walter J
Caring begins with self. We must Choose to care for and love ourselves first. Then we can care for and love others. We were taught this on airplanes- during the safety precautions. “Put you oxygen mask on first and then help you children or others.” Another way to look at it is, how can you give away what you do not have? How can we really care for others unless we have taken care of our needs first? I think perhaps many of us were taught this was being selfish… but there is a happy balance point between feeling worthy & being selfish or egotistical. It has to do with intention. My intentions are to help, love & care for others and I can do that best when I feel helped, loved & cared for myself. When I learn to do this for myself, I do not have to depend on someone else to do it for me (and maybe feel disappointed when they do not) Loving and caring for self is so important so that we can better love and care for others! Thanks for this awakening/reminder Dorothy!! Namaste 👍🏼❤️🍀
Slow down
See how important this self care is.  it will take time to letting go and letting it in to be a part of my life, a necessary priority to feeling good feeling happy feeling alive yet something I often ignore.
Self care not self absorption
I can enjoy my quiet time, my body, my curious nature, my humorous self, the company keep, how to say yes to life and no to the nit quite right things, Setting myself on a course of everyday care gives me foot holds and hand holds to climb and enjoy the everyday things, the small matters, the frequent negotiations and the tremendous offers scattered about me. Self care bless med my sensory life, my good sleep, my happy wanderings and awakenings and the despairing moments or days they also get to receive my self care. Onward!
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