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The Three Secrets of Manifesting

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
We're talking about manifesting; bringing a thought, an idea, a desire into physical form. What I want to help you become better at is how to bring into your life what is most wanted, desired, and needed; what is most important to you, what you dream about, and what you have always wanted. This is what makes manifesting powerful and deliberate, and it allows you to play much more in your life because of what you are consciously seeking and in your ability to materialize your deepest desires. Join me for this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM and the three secrets of manifesting and the helpful tips that will make it even easier for you to do this!! Namaste!
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13 reflections
I am the one to manifest my thoughts and ideas into reality by taking action to realize them!
What my purpose and why through conversations with my manager yesterday. This is why I pursue self development as a ritual to keep striving to be my highest version of self to date. Thank you
I am going to post notes up all around my home reminding me to manifest wisely with the Universe by focusing on what I WANT👍 rather than what I DON’T WANT😕
Manifest Wisely
In this extremely powerful life coaching wisdom session, Dorothy explains one of the Universal Laws called the Law of Attraction and how we can use this law to manifest what we truly want in our lives. There is a caveat though...we must remember to think and Be positive! The Universe is made up of energy. We, as human beings, are made up of energy. We have all been given free will to think whatever we want. The Law of Attraction states that what we manifest in our mind, we shall receive. Indeed, like-minded energy goes naturally together. Therefore, when we think positive, we attract positivity into our lives! Think about it...when we are positive, things seem to be going well and there seems to be a ‘flow’, a sense of ease with everything in life. On the other hand, when we are negative, things seem to be in a rut, not going not so well and we begin to get frustrated. What we manifest in our mind comes to fruition whether we like the outcome or not. That is why it is imperative that we must always remember to Choose Our Thoughts Wisely! We can all have what we want in our lives! All we have to do is remember to Manifest Wisely on a daily basis! Thank you Dorothy for creating such a powerful life coaching wisdom session! ☮️❤️🙏🏻
Oh Dorothy
You ALWAYS bring me back to center. I Am Unconditional Love is the best motto and best way to manifest. Positivity begets positivity. Namaste Dorothy.
I am reminded that what I am putting out into the universe, I am receiving back. Good or bad. I have to believe in the things I am trying to manifest.
Manifest my outcomes
I feel I need to manifest my own personal outcomes. Similar to a world class sprinter or marathoner, I must visualize both the short and long term outcomes. To not only finish well but also enable a journey that I can handle and enjoy even when it is challenging.
3 secret
I have the same power to attract what I don’t want by worrying and thinking about it. I actually do this ALOT! I must consciously think about what I do want and how I am achieving it. Catch my thoughts when they are negative and re affirm what I want to bring into my life.
MM: The mirror of myself
It is true that a stormy mind, brings a stormy existance. In frustrating times like these, it can even easily slip into a stormy, unbalanced health. Nevertheless, in every moment we co-create both our existence and the universe, together with the universe and the energy that is constantly surrounding us and that we can move and shape at any time. Positive thinking, positive envisioning, positive self-talking, do change our life, our perspective, our probability of success and our health. I wish to know where to find positive envisioning, hope, and positive self-talking always somewhere within myself. Independently of who or what surrounds me.
If we avoid a path, we manifest our reality as much as when we take a path, we manifest another reality.
Manifestation ✨
My ability to manifest my goals & dreams lately have gotten better and better each week! I plan to put more effort into my mindfulness and create a daily meditation routine using Aura. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼
I create my own energy. Whether I am feeling sad or happy, it is all through my thoughts.
I learned the effects of having a positive and negative mindset. If I am feel negative emotions whether it is anger or loneliness, it decreases my productivity level by a lot. I need to learn how to manage my thoughts so that I can have a a more positive mindset that will lead to a better flow throughout my day. I have to cleanse my thoughts and make them pure and loving.
What I want
Focusing on the things I want to attract. Changing my mindset. I want to attract that which is of my greatest good.
It’s True!
This session reminded me that when I change my mind or adjust my attitude everything else changes as well. When I’m in a funk and decide to be positive other people and situations also become positive. Funny, but I never consciously made the connection before. So I will also start journaling in an effort to be more aware of these manifestations.
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