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The Sacred Rite of Listening

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
When listening truly occurs, you are present; your heart opens to feeling the experience - to being attentive to what is being conveyed beyond the words that are spoken. Listening requires ultimate presence. Let listening be one of your sacred graces; the spiritual gift that you bestow to others and yourself - with full intention. Revel in the beauty of what you discover. Namaste!!
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2 ears and 1 mouth
I am a better listener than a speaker. I want to know others. I want to build intimacy. So I deflect attention away from me. There are times when I need someone to listen to me. When I want to share about my feelings, hopes and desires, I need others to listen. When I am fearful, I need a calming presence. When I am hurting, I need someone to acknowledge the pain. Just as I hold space for you. I need space held for me.
Walter J
Dorothy does an Excellent job describing what listening should be & I agree with her completely! It also made me think of a speech I once did about Whole Body Listening. Having been a Toastmaster for more than 15 years, I like to think of true listening as ‘absorbing’ the “whole” story another is trying to give. It is not just done with the ears but with the whole body. While the ears are hearing the words that make up the Message they should also be listening for voice tone, inflection etc. this is 1/3 of the story. Our eyes should also be used to pick up clues from the Mechanics that they use. Their facial expressions, gestures and overall body language can tell another 1/3 of the story. (This is why e-mails & blogs are not always truly understood completely) But the Music of someone’s communication is picked up best when we use our whole body as an antenna to pick up the vibrations another is giving off. This gives us more insight to their intention and tells the other 1/3 of the story. Again sometimes hard to convey or pick up thru just a written communication. I guess that is one reason I have enjoyed the last 25 years doing face to face sales. I can absorb & understand their real situation better & they can feel my sincere desire to help them much better when they can see me telling the whole story! ❤️👂🏻👀
When to speak, when to be silent, how to truly and completely listen to another, and to ourselves, is what Dorothy so eloquently speaks of. Her wisdom is true, brilliant, and deserving of a good listen by every “human” -followed by the steady practice of the advice and knowledge she presents. Dorothy, thank you for sharing so much of your true self and beautiful wisdom with us. 🙏🏻Namaste 🙏🏻
Deep Listening
I sense what Dorothy speaks of, is what the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Han, describes as “Deep Listening.” Total absorption/focus on the one who shares their thoughts and feelings. You do not think of how to respond or what to say. You respond only if the person asks for it. For myself, one of the most delightful examples was when someone shared their thoughts and feelings; and, I smiled when the person said “You’re a great conversationalist.” For 90 minutes I said absolutely nothing!
Sacred Grace ♥️👂
Listening to Dorothy’s life coaching session about sacred listening was a moment of grace for me. The first time I accidentally listened to the 3 minute version. When I downloaded the session I realized my mistake so I went back and listened to the 7 minute version (actually about 9 minutes). I am grateful that I did because I found the longer version to be so powerful. ♥️. Dorothy validated something that I have believed . . . the importance of listening with our hearts. She also speaks of listening as a means of extending sacred grace as well as the importance of extending that same grace to ourselves by practicing sacred listening with ourselves. This is definitely a life coaching session I will listen 👂 to again. 🙏♥️
Lesson learned long ago
It took me quite a while to learn how to truly listen to others. Especially clients. I'm always so excited to share my ideas! I had to learn to still myself and truly listen to those I’m speaking with.
Good listener
I feel that I have always been a good listener, it’s something that i take great pride in to be able to just open yourself to someone else without judgement and hear what that have to say; I feel that when one is able to do that they most times will learn something valuable about themselves.
Active listening
This was needed. Recently I have been focused on active listening. An essential skill for my daily job. Intentionally thinking about what has been shared and coming up with a solution. It was great today to simply listen without thinking and receive this word. I’m excited today to listen and just listen and absorb, pausing, and seeing what happens. Removing forward thinking for a moment and just appreciating the safe space that has been created. Love 💕
Loved how much listening is so important and lending your ear to someone is giving respect to the experience someone faced.
I wonder ….
I wonder why I am a good listener to most people … except my wife and kids? I wonder why my wife is a great listener to most people … except me? Its not that we do not have good listening skills, yet we are least effective listeners to those whom we are the deepest invested. It seems silly but I see this with so many couples. I wonder why?
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