Why I made this sleep story
When I’m trying to fall sleep at night, I need a story that will strike a balance: it needs to be captivating enough to hold my interest, but not too exciting that I won’t fall asleep. That’s why I LOVE this story about the princess who danced her shoes to pieces. It contains a sweet mystery (how does she wear out all her shoes each night??), but the Brothers Grimm also take you on lots of detours with lyrical descriptions of magical places. That’s the part that will soothe you right into a deep sleep. Since this is an adaptation, don’t expect those familiar moments of darkness (and even misogyny) from the Brothers Grimm. I’ve created a version of the story for the 21st century, when the princess won’t just marry anyone her father says she has to - even if he solves the mystery... Hope you enjoy this sleep story tonight! Tell me what you think!