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The Nature You: A Spoken Word Meditation

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Experience the true nature of what you are....as a being of love.
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15 reflections
Light out of dark
I have seen more bad than good so far in my life. Even with this truth, I choose light. Light warms the soul, heals broken hearts, inspires growth, loves unconditionally, holds space for sorrows, connects with others, & loves the sinner while condemning the sin. It is through light that we let go of wrongs, seek the truth & always remain hopeful.
A wonderful teacher
Being Love: Dorothy is truly a naturally wonderful teacher. Thank you.
Thank you Dorothy for these beautiful words, I will hold onto these thoughts as I end my evening. Tomorrow I will listen to this spoken meditation again. I need more meditations like this. Namaste🙏
Authentic self
Your natural state is pure love 💕 Throw away the false self and awaken to your true self. No more suffering if you identify with your awareness of thoughts.
This was so perfect for me right now! I have been seeing things everywhere about returning to yourself and to be your most authentic self. Full of love, passion, freedom, and joy. Definitely will come back to do this one often. Namaste 🙏🏻
Love and Light
This is our true nature. Dorothy, this teaching was beautifully done. Everything you stated are my personally held beliefs. We are love. We are light. We must be who and what we are intended to be and live as that being. It is easy to slip and fall but it is equally easy to pick ourselves back up and return to our true purpose and being. Again, I thank you for sharing your beautiful and gentle wisdom. You are a blessing to members of the Aura tribe. 🙏🏻Namaste 🙏🏻
Walter J
Right on Dorothy! Our natural state IS Love! And Light! Thus I believe we were created to be LoveLights to shine this love on the world. Everything else - envy, jealousy, etc. are only lower states of vibration due to lack of love. I have said it before & believe it more strongly now, but there really is no such ‘thing’ as hate, just an extreme lack of Love. This is may be easier to understand by using light & darkness as an example. There really is no darkness, just the lack of light. You can go into a dark room but as soon as you introduce a light, the darkness recedes. But go into a lighted room and try to introduce darkness. You cannot! You can only take away the light to make it darker. So darkness is not a thing but a result of lack of light. Similarly, hate is not a ‘thing’, but a result of lack of Love. If we want to reduce hate, we just need to turn on our LoveLights. That is one reason I like the Grateful Dead so much. They had it right all along...“Turn on Your LoveLight and leave it on!!” ❤️💡❤️💡❤️💡❤️❤️💡❤️💡❤️💡❤️
The Nature of What You are
Thank you for reminding me that when I am no longer focused on love, that I will be unhappy. I have been uncentered lately and this has reminded me how to return.
Go with love.
I learned that if I focus on love and not anger, jealousy, or hate— I am calm, relaxed, and at peace. I am so bitter over so many things and I need to go with love
A true moment
When I am able to focus and ride the wave of my breath, I am also able to know the difference that focusing on love makes and actually be present with it.
Our Natures
I was reminded that we can’t be happy and loving if we hold onto resentment and anger. I choose to be happy.
True self
I learned to always stay to my true self and when I derive from that it’s ok but I should always go back to my true self!
Is what holds us back. It doesn’t always feel easy to snap out of it but it really can be with gentle encouragement.
Being of Love
Our natural state is a being of love. Our negative thoughts as well as our actions can move us out of our natural state. To return to our natural state as a being of love, first we acknowledge we have moved out of our natural state. Then we refocus our attention to our breath. As we focus on our breath, we refocus our negative thoughts to loving kindness ones. Reciting positive affirmations while focusing on your breath is another great tool to help you return back to your natural state of being. A being of love.
I was tired after meditation. Feel like I would doze off fast.
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