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The Mighty Lava Lamp

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Life Coaching
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Tudor Alexander
Follower of Jesus Christ & Health Coach
Through this simple metaphor and exercise, you can learn an invaluable tool to always come back to objectivity and seeing the world as it is now.
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Lava Lamp
The mighty lava lamp contains blobs of goo that constantly separate and integrate with other portions of goo depending on their charge while being suspended in some other medium. In a large sense, our emotions represent those blobs of goo. Feeling constricted emotions, such as anger, we feel separated. On the contrary, we feel integrated when we experience expansive emotions, such as happiness. In all reality, everything is meaningless. Everything in life is nothing until we make it into something. How do we make nothing into a something? By providing meaning to it. Attaching meaning to things and people causes duality or opposites. For example, liking something implies not liking something else. Likewise, seeing something as right implies that some other thing is wrong. While there is nothing wrong with this, seeing things and people through this dualistic way of thinking all the time can introduce great suffering in our lives. Clinging to the good while avoiding the bad is one of the hardest habits to break. After all, our brain is designed to keep us safe. To illustrate, Tudor invites us to do an exercise involving a lava lamp. Because I don’t have one, I envisioned one in my mind instead. Noticing the blobs of goo floating around, separating and integrating ever so often, I didn’t feel much of anything because my mind was still. Attaching some level of meaning, I immediately noticed the lava lamp in a different light. Thank you for providing this wisdom for me to soak up, Tudor! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Who would have thought... could learn so much from a lava lamp. Lots to ponder in this one today. The shift from “right OR wrong” to “right AND wrong” is deep. Both need to exist. They both bring a certain meaning to life. But the point is to dwell periodically in the “meaninglessness“ so that I can re-evaluate the meaning constructs I’ve created. All from a lava lamp.
Surprised me
Lovely exercise. Lots to absorb. I need to get a lava lamp! 🙂
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