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The Ego: Letting Go of the Parts Which Do Not Serve

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Alex Dudgon
Wisdom, Inner Peace & Self-Empowerment
In our modern society, many of us are a slave to our ego, living in constant fear of others' perception of us and other burdens. This barrier stops us from living in harmony with ourselves and stops us from ever knowing our true self. We attempt to dissolve this problem and more in this meditation.
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Today I learnt that a big part of my sadness is my ego. Constantly wanting to impress other
Yin and Yang
The ego, the voice in our head that gives rise to our identity. An overinflated ego causes us to feel righteous whereas an under inflated ego causes us to shame ourself. Therefore, obtaining a healthy ego is key to our overall well-being. There are five areas in which the ego can hold us back from living our best self. In this amazing and profound meditation, Alex has us recognize each of these areas so we can let go of the parts of the ego that do not serve our higher self. Once eliminated, we can get out of our own way. One by one, I followed Alex’s guidance and went through each of the five areas where my ego doesn’t serve me well. Each time, I used my breath to breathe in goodness and breathe out the parts of my ego that do not serve my higher self. Afterwards, I felt my ego become much more balanced, leading it to be healthy. Ending the meditation with a gratitude practice, I am reminded that I have everything I need in this moment. While there is much debate on whether to embrace a healthy ego or learn ways to rid the ego all together, one thing is for sure: we must embrace the yin and yang of ourself in order to have well-being in our life. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Meditation / gratitude
Sitting for my home. Sitting for my sister. Sitting for a seed. The start of something ☺️