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The Best Advice Ever!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
When I was sixteen years old, my father gave me some advice that took me a lifetime to understand and master. It`s advice that`s timeless and something we could all benefit from and use today. Cheers~
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9 reflections
Contentment is True Freedom
Contentment is the key to true happiness. It’s not so much about having what I love as much as loving what I have. It’s recognizing that at this very moment, I have everything I need for a meaningful existence. The best version of myself is when I can live with “Nothing to prove. Nothing to lose. Nothing to hide.” 🙏🏼
I feel amazing!
I enjoyed listening to Mrs. Teena so much! She gave the best advice anyone could give. I will now learn to be in the present moment. I will stop trying to feel my void with external factors and work on me from the inside out. A valuable thing she said was it was not that thing or person that made me feel good, it was me just being in the present moment. That resonated with me so much!
Appreciation for the present
I learned to slow down those thoughts and really take the time to appreciate the present and enjoy the things/moments/people in my current life/space
The Best Advice I ever got.
I need to focus on finding happiness each day instead of looking into the past, which makes me sad about losing Mike and our life together or the future which seems sad and empty and hard and lonely.
I feel so much better!
What a wonderful way to appreciate life! Living in the present! I needed this so much today! I appreciate you, Teena. Thank you 🙏🏻
Choose happiness
As my coach/therapist for about 4 months now Teena has reinstalled this into my mind. And then I’ve been ‘doing the work’ with my thought pattern, daily meditation and focusing on how I feel. I’m truly seeing results and changing my life. Magical experiences and manifestations are beginning to happen. I’m celebrating small or big wins it doesn’t matter! I choose happiness! ❤️🙏🏾
Session lessons
I have to let go of trying to control my life and just let myself be ok with my present situation
Inside job
We make the choice to be happy. I began to live in the now years ago. It's so much more fulfilling! Yes, feeling good is an inside job. I'm so excited to master this someday! I've literally watched someone stuck in the past. Chasing external things to be happy. When I even mentioned the power of now, they didn't want to hear it. Sometimes I refuse to talk about the past with someone. Such as this person I speak of. Always so angry and wants to rehash it all over again. Like a big black empty hole inside him. The good news is, he's gone because he no longer serves me. Never did. Yippee!!
Ora Scales
My happiness
I'm healing, by allowing and excepting the truth of where I am in my present moment of life, External things are only temporal, internal things are wholeness, and healing,fullfillment and lasting each day I'm getting there. I'm am also aware of who I am, why I'm here and my purpose.
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